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Peggy felt hopeless. For years, she’d been suffering with painful arthritis, chronic fatigue, migraines, allergies, high cholesterol and depression. So when the doctor prescribed her thirteenth medication, it was more than she could take. She decided to find a better solution.

Six months later, Peggy had a new lease on life. She was medication free and feeling great, thanks to a whole food program with Omega 3 Salmon Oil.

Many people know some of the benefits of Omega-3 fish oils. But most don’t know the important inside story of what they are, where they come from and how to get safe results. Or, why it even matters.

What Does All This Mean To You?

Omega-3 oils have been called “the miracle food of the 21st century.” Research shows the right kind can help prevent heart disease, maintain optimum blood pressure and cholesterol levels and give almost immediate relief from joint pain, migraines, depression, autoimmune diseases and many other conditions. And, by improving brain development and memory functioning, from conception through old age, certain Omega-3 oils also provide the perfect brain food.

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Get The Benefits Pure & Simple

Omega III Salmon Oil Plus is the only supplement that provides all 8 members of the Omega 3 family and is guaranteed to be naturally free of all toxins and heavy metals. Our sources are screened for more than 160 contaminants with an allowable detection limit of ZERO.

This guarantee is backed up right on the label by Dr. Gordon Newell and Dr. Arthur Furst (considered “the world's leading toxicologist” by the World Health Organization). Both of these scientists are former presidents of the prestigious American College of Toxicology.

Salmon Oil Plus is lightly pressed from only the flesh of wild, health screened, disease-free salmon that live in the cold, clean waters of the Arctic Circle.

And, for greater heart, brain and joint health, we also provide our exclusive UHPO3 concentrate, derived from clean, healthy tuna, sardines and anchovies. Through our unique "molecular differentiation" technology, we optimize specific nutrient molecules, while eliminating others (like those that cause belching), delivering unsurpassed potency and purity.

Each serving of Salmon Oil Plus - the first fish oil supplement of its kind - provides a balanced spectrum of all 8 omega three family members involved in human nutrition. You're guaranteed 460 mg EPA, 480 mg DHA, 50 mg DPA and 80 mg of mixed omega 3s, including SDA, ETA(3), ETA, HPA and ALA.

And, if you can find anything comparable to Omega III Salmon Oil Plus (which we seriously doubt) and you were to compare the cost of daily dosages you would find our price is even better. It’s also much safer and has only 1/5 the calories at just 1/3 the cost of an equivalent serving of wild salmon.

So if you're ready to experience natural healing with omega 3 fish oil, give it a try. You'll look and feel noticeably better within the first 30 days, just like Peggy did. And Omega III Salmon Oil Plus is guaranteed to give you the results you want or your money back - no questions asked. You can order now by clicking on the blue button below or calling us toll free at (888) 508-1234.

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Simply return the original bottle for an exchange or full refund.


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