Fish Oil

What You Need To Know About Fish Oil

If you’re committed to your health and want to live a long “heart” healthy life, then you better make sure you’re eating plenty of fatty fish, or taking a quality EPA and DHA supplement – DAILY!

Study after study have suggested the possibility that EPA and DHA may help reduce triglycerides, arterial plaque and blood clots and lower the risk of developing an irregular heart beat. It may also help reduce blood pressure and arterial hardness. WOW!

In recently published research from the Harvard University Nurses’ Health Study, researchers reported the possibility that women with the highest risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetics, were 64% less likely to develop heart disease if they ate fish at least five times a week.

The incredible thing is that even when the researchers removed the influence of other risk factors, the relationship between fish and reducing heart disease seemed to stay the same. Actually, it appeared that the women who ate fish at least five times a week were less likely to die from ANY cause during the study when compared to those who rarely ate fish.

Now, for most of us, buying, preparing and eating fresh fish five times a week is both difficult and expensive. But don’t lose heart (pun intended).

Many studies have shown that fish oil supplements may have the same extraordinary benefits. And if you’re worried about the side effects fish oil can have, you can stop worry right now. The worst you may experience is a few days of belching. That’s a really small price to pay for all of the outstanding health benefits.

For those of us who just can’t seem to manage eating fish five times a week, you’ll need to take a pure EPA and DHA rich Salmon Oil. Look around the site and get your Free Audio. There’s a big difference in fish oils and this site will help you to understand the important distinctions for yourself.

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