Omega 3 Fatty Acids Bipolar Natural Solutions

Omega 3 fatty acids bipolar and depression research is very encouraging.

As a matter of fact, a diet low in omega 3 fatty acids has been found to cause significantly more mental problems, depression and bipolar mood swings.

Bipolar (sometimes called manic-depression) is characterized by extreme back-and-forth swings from euphoric highs to unbearable lows. If left untreated, it can be very serious.

Occasional feelings of depression are only natural. But when long-term sadness, despair or erratic up and down moodiness is a common occurrence, it’s time to take action.

And since mood-altering drugs can have such serious negative side effects, it’s best to begin with lifestyle changes and natural alternatives. This is especially true since omega 3 fatty acids bipolar research shows consistent positive results. It’s been proven to work.

Five lifestyle changes and natural alternatives to overcome bipolar disorder:

1. Reduce stressful situations – Start making healthy lifestyle changes. Find ways to relax. This is no time for a “no pain, no gain” or “go the extra mile” push. Avoid things that upset you, such as the “news” and negative people. Only read things that make you feel good. Come up with interesting, enjoyable and relaxing projects.

2. Exercise regularly and daily – For a daily dose of “feel good” hormones, you can’t beat daily moderate exercise. But don’t go overboard. A simple half-hour walk can do wonders for working off negative emotions and up-lifting your spirits.

3. Focus on the positive
– There are things in everyone’s life that they like and things they don’t like. Your job is to focus on more of the good things in your life. Eliminate or ignore the negative and appreciate the positive for all your worth. Do more things you enjoy and surround yourself with supportive, happy, positive people.

4. Eat healthy and avoid unhealthy – Give up junk food and begin eating the healthiest diet possible. This includes colorful vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, lean poultry, low-fat dairy and plenty of omega 3 fish. Drink only clean water and, if you smoke, quit. Avoid sweets, caffeine, alcohol and trans-fats. And make sure the fats you eat are the healthy essential fatty acids, especially omega 3 oils from fish.

5. Add supplements to your diet
– There’s no way you can get enough nutrition from your diet to handle this stressful time of life. Good quality natural supplements help your body to deal with daily stress. And above all, you need to increase your intake of good fatty acids and high quality oils.

Numerous studies show that people who eat the most fish, suffer the least amount of anxiety, depression and bipolar. This makes increasing your fish oil consumption an easy decision.

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