Omega 3 Supplements During Pregnancy and Nursing

Omega 3 supplements during pregnancy and nursing are brain food for baby! They make up about 70% of a newborn baby’s brain.

But that’s not all. There are many other benefits of omega 3 supplements during pregnancy – for both mom and baby.

Numerous research studies have suggested the possibility that the omega 3 fatty acids from fish, mainly DHA, EPA and DPA, in balanced ratios, are essential during pregnancy for a smart, healthy, happy baby.

And because of the danger of mercury contamination in fish, the best way to get the optimum results from omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy and nursing is by taking pure high quality omega 3 fish oil supplements from a reliable source.

Fish oil omega 3 supplements during pregnancy and nursing are so vitally important that they’re recommended by the Food Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The unified recommendation for pregnant and lactating women is 1200mgs a day. To eat that much fish would mean consuming more than a daily serving of salmon – which is the highest source of the omega 3 fatty acids. That’s a lot of fish.

And since you can get the safest results from omega 3 supplements during pregnancy, it only makes good sense to take fish oil capsules.

Besides baby’s brain development, there are other important benefits to getting optimum amounts of omega 3 fish oil during pregnancy.

These essential fatty acids are some of the main components of a baby’s nervous system and retina and are necessary throughout the entire process of pregnancy for the health and well being of the fetus.

Deficiencies of DHA, EPA and DPA have also been linked to premature births and abnormally low birth weights.

Fish oil is vitally important for Mom too. It’s during the third trimester that she transfers to her fetus most of the DHA needed for the optimum development of her newborn baby’s brain and nervous system. This requires a lot of fish oil fatty acids.

And, since the only way baby can get these essential nutrients is through mom, if mother isn’t getting enough from an outside source, her health and brain are also at risk.

For example, DHA, EPA and DPA deficiencies may put a pregnant woman at an increased risk of preeclampsia – pregnancy-related high blood pressure. And, during the nine months of pregnancy, she might even lose as much as 3% of her own brain mass from DHA depletion.

Some scientists believe this may be a contributing factor to post-partum depression.

Yet, according to food consumption surveys, 85% of all women are deficient in these omega 3 fatty acids. Among pregnant women, only 2% had diets that met their needs of DHA, EPA and DPA.

The rest are getting less than 18% of the recommended daily allowance. This deficiency is blamed on the depletion of omega 3 oils in our food and the trend against eating oil rich fish, such as salmon.

So, whether you’re nursing, pregnant or just thinking about it, you’ll want to start eating more fatty fish like wild salmon and taking high quality fish oil supplements on a regular basis. And, don’t exclude the man in your life. Omega 3 fatty acids have many positive effects on male sexuality. Because that’s what it takes for a smart, happy, healthy baby!

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