Male Sexuality – Natural Support for Men

Let’s start our male sexuality support talk with an intimate discussion of “private” matters.

So, heads up guys!

But you ladies are welcome too. After all, it’s not top secret info. And besides, sometimes your man’s sexuality is even more important to you than it is to him – especially if you care about his reproduction abilities.

Understanding male sexuality and a man’s reproductive system can be confusing for some, yet others have a much firmer grasp on it.

We’ll be talking about the penis, the prostate and the testicles. And by the time we’re done, you’ll have a firm grasp on the subject too.

Let’s start with the penis. The penis is an amazing thing, allowing us to pee standing up and write our names in the snow. It hides when we jump in cold water and pops up at the most inappropriate times to embarrass us.

You can do incredible things with a penis – if it’s working properly!

And judging from the popularity of erectile dysfunction medications, there must be plenty of penises that are not “up” for duty – like the good little soldiers they’re meant to be.

But natural solutions can keep a penis from laying down on the job.

Discounting accidents and injuries, most men who suffer from the inability to come to attention are those with high blood pressure or suffering from the side effects of BP medications.

Blood pressure meds artificially lower hypertension and also lower penis functionality at the same time. This can cause feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment and relationship problems.

So, what’s the best natural support for what I call erection deficit disorder (EDD)? Scientific research tells us that fish oil may be able to help a man rise to the occasion and start swimming upstream again.

First of all, the DHA, EPA and DPA fatty acids in fish oil may help to naturally lower and manage a man’s blood pressure by getting rid of the arterial plaque that restricts his blood flow and raises his blood pressure.

It may also help improve the elasticity of his arterial walls to manage blood pressure without medication. Better circulation and lower blood pressure help to create a happy little camper.

But that’s not all. The main purpose of a man’s prostate is to secret a milky white substance into the urethra during orgasm. And when it’s healthy the prostate is soft and spongy. But when it’s not, it gets hard and swollen, restricting the flow of urine. Men will have the urge to pee, but can’t squeeze much out.

A swollen prostate causes loss of sleep due to frequent trips to the bathroom and can even lead to cancer.

The usual medical approach is to cut, burn or poison the prostate (which, by the way, can lead to impotence). But once you understand male sexuality, you’ll do something natural before it’s too late.

The long-chain fatty acids in fish oil may be able to lower prostate inflammation and keep it healthy – like it’s supposed to be.

And how do these fatty acids help the testicles? Well, let me put it this way. It’s possible that if he gets enough omega 3 fish oil, he’ll dream peacefully of swimming upstream, but pop up to attention at the first call to duty!

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