Self Help for Anxiety and Depression – Naturally

Natural self help for anxiety and depression is easier than you think.

Numerous research studies have suggested that people who get the most omega 3 fish oil with DHA may suffer less anxiety, depression, bipolar and psychosis than those who get the least.

Now, I’m not saying you should eat more fish, give up your meds and stop seeing your doctor. That’s not my place.

Here’s what I am saying.

According to valid research on depression, omega 3 fish oil supplements may help. And, you’ll probably start feeling so good that you’ll be able to give up your meds and stop seeing your doctor.

Now that’s the research talking about self-help for anxiety and depression, not me.

For example, this research, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders [Vol. 26, No. 38, 35-46] suggested that, “major depressed subjects showed significantly lower total omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than minor depressed subjects and healthy controls.”

In other words, it is possible that the less omega 3 fatty acids people get, the more depressed they feel. And this is by no means an isolated example.

Another study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, suggested the possibility that when subjects with major depressive disorders were given omega 3 fish oil, in just three treatments, the fish oil group (compared with a placebo group), had highly significant positive results. [Vol. 159:477-479]

So, according to research, it is possible that self-help is within everyone’s reach.

Think of it like this. Life is a series of risk management decisions.

We’re constantly faced with choosing the best actions to produce the best outcomes. Some decisions occur without much thought, like looking both ways before crossing the street. By now you instinctively know the pros and cons of that decision.

But other decisions are not as obvious as walking into oncoming traffic. Some decisions don’t pose such an immediate threat and the results take longer to show up. This makes it harder for us to see the benefits.

Looking back, if you knew as a child that eating a lot of fish might help prevent depression later in life, maybe you would have been more likely to eat fish when you had the chance. But, then again, maybe not. However, as an adult you can upgrade your decisions about fish.

Now that you know the consequences of not getting enough fish oil, you can choose a happier existence with less feelings of stress by simply increasing your omega 3 fish oil fatty acid intake, especially since supplementation is easier, safer, less expensive and just as effective.

And you can make that decision and take the action all on your own.

University of Sheffield psychiatry department research, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, sums it up better than anyone else when they said the findings of their study suggested that “depressive symptoms can be alleviated by omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.” [Vol. 48(2-3);149-55]

Now that you’re an adult, you can make a wise decision and help yourself by choosing to eat more fish and supplement your diet with good quality pure, complete and balanced omega 3 fish oil. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety or even bipolar omega 3 might be your answer.

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