HRT Cancer Link and Omega 3 Benefits

The HRT cancer link is a concern for many women.

If you’d like an alternative solution for menopause symptoms, I’ve got a great one that works like magic. So, read on.

What can omega 3 do for menopause symptoms?

Hot flashes are a great place to start with omega 3 benefits. A recent Italian study showed omega 3 fish oil may possibly reduce the number of hot flashes by at least 44%. [Maturitas, Vol. 51: 127-34]

Wow – that’s a lot! And tons of research shows fish oil may be effective in eliminating mood swings, headaches, depression and many other menopause symptoms.

But why are the omega 3 benefits of DHA and EPA fatty acids so effective?

Two reasons for the omega 3 benefits:

1. Omega 3 DHA and EPA are critical for the production, release and balance of hormones.

2. They also increase serotonin, a brain chemical known as the “happiness molecule.”

And that’s just the start why fish and fish oil are so vitally important for the health of women going through menopause.

What does omega 3 have to do with the HRT cancer link?

Most women today are aware of the HRT cancer link. But did you know that hormone replacement therapy not only causes an increase in breast cancer, but it’s also linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke?

And get this.

Research done on Omega 3 fish oil has suggested that omega 3 fatty acids may help to reduce your risk of breast cancer, heart attack and stroke.

For example, one study suggested that women who eat the most fish may have less than half the breast cancer risk of those who eat the least amount. [Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 93: 1088-95]

And that’s not all! Eating fish has also been researched in connection to the possibility of reducing the risk of sudden cardiac death by over 45% [American Heart Journal, Vol. 146: 420-30] and the risk of stroke by 44% [Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 228: 3130-36].

What about side effects?

And the best part about fish oil is there are no side effects. That’s certainly not the case with the drugs prescribed for these conditions. About the worst thing to happen with fish oil supplements is the last capsule may stick to the bottom of the bottle!

A recent exhaustive study done by the Harvard University School of Public Health concluded that the positive health benefits of omega 3 fish oil far outweigh any perceived threat of toxins.

And besides, the omega 3 that I recommend is free of shark, swordfish and other large predatory toxic fish. It’s the only fish oil supplement I know of that’s guaranteed 100% pure.

What do the experts say?

The research and list of proven results are extensive.

That’s why the American Heart Association recommends everyone eat fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines, at least three times a week. And anyone at risk of heart disease should take daily omega 3 fish oil supplements, amounting to 1 gram of DHA and EPA fatty acids.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. All you have to do is to eat more fish and take high quality fish oil supplements.

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