Arthritis Natural Treatments

Arthritis natural treatments can help strengthen the immune system, prevent the spread and severity of the disease as well as provide safe relief from painful inflammatory symptoms. This is especially good news when you consider the serious side effects of contoversial “painkiller” drugs.

Most prescribed arthritis medications don’t give people long term safe pain relief nor strengthen the immune system. Therefore, as more and more evidence proves diet and lifestyle changes can both help prevent the disease and provide relief of symptoms, a holistic approach is now considered more sensible. As a result, more people with arthritis are living happier, healthier lives.

Moderate exercises such as walking, swimming and yoga are excellent ways to strengthen bones and muscles and improve mobility with a minimum of stress. Exercise, along with a healthy diet, can also help you reach and maintain your optimum weight. Excess weight puts stress on joints and is one of the major contributing factors to arthritis.

To be as healthy as possible, change your eating program to include more whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables and fresh wild fish such as salmon. Salmon Oil is nature’s richest source of anti-inflammatory EPA and DHA omega 3 oils. Also, cut back on red meat. People who eat red meat daily have twice the risk of arthritis as those who eat meat no more than twice a week.

Supplements are recommended by the American Medical Association and Omega 3 fish oil supplements with EPA and DHA are especially important natural solutions for anyone dealing with the pain of arthritis.

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