Side Effects of Fish Oil
Is There a Downside?

The side effects of fish oil comes with is a concern for some. And that’s understandable – you can never be too careful about what you put into your body.

Plus, it’s hard for people to believe that anything as good as omega 3 fish oil doesn’t come with a negative side effects price tag.

So, what are the side effects you need to know about? It’s a valid question and deserves a valid answer. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

When some people (less than 10%) begin taking omega 3 fish oil capsules, for the first few days – until their fish-digesting enzymes kick in – they may occasionally belch up a slight taste of fish.

According to numerous research studies, that’s it for the downside. So let’s check out the upside.

Medline Plus has a great list of the possible benefits of eating fish and/or taking fish oils. Here’s a short list of some of them; heart disease, high blood pressure, menstrual pain, arthritis, ADHD, weight loss, bipolar and more.

But here’s the thing. The positive or negative side effects are directly related to the quality – or lack of quality – of the product you’re actually taking. There are a lot of companies that take shortcuts in their manufacturing process – any one of these shortcuts can spell discomfort for you.

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For example, how oxidized are the oils from the “distillation” process, did they put enough antioxidants in the fish oil to protect you from the oxidized oils, how much unlabeled, “non-omega 3s” are in the product, what sources did they use (if they’re not listed on the label, you should be suspicious), are they using fish or shellfish which are known to cause allergies, do their numbers “add up” on the label, what else have they added to the product? And so on…

You get my point.

You see, there’s a lot that can and does go wrong with inferior fish oil products. Any one, or a combination of these factors can – at the very least, cause you to not notice any results AND – at the very worst – cause you to feel uncomfortable.

We’ve been fielding questions about fish oils for nearly 30 years. We’ve heard it all – every minor detail of a negative experience with a cheap brand of fish oil. In every situation, we’ve been able to pinpoint the cause to poor quality fish oil products.

Quality fish oils add up to one thing – positive side effects that last a lifetime. And isn’t that what you would expect from something so naturally good for you as omega 3 fatty acids?

Personally I think you can handle all the healthy results and even have a MUCH happier life because of omega 3 fatty acids!

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything had such wonderful, positive side effects?

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