Fish Oil Supplements

Searching for fish oil supplements is like opening a can of fishing worms.

Everyone’s going to say their fish oil capsules are the best. Right? What else would you expect them to say – their supplement is second or third best? Not a chance!

But “best” is a superlative reserved only for the top quality product that produces the best results. And to find the best omega 3 fish oil supplement you have to look beyond fancy labels, celebrity and physician endorsements and misleading marketing.

What should you look for in fish oil capsules?

Science is the key.

To begin with science tells us which fish have the highest levels and the best fish oil for omega 3. Science tells us where to find them, how to select them, how to process them, and how much fish oil your body needs for optimum health.

If you stick to the science behind omega 3 fish oil supplements then slick marketing will NEVER fool you. Even the best known brands, with all their doctors, infomercials, special offers and implied features can’t stand up to the facts of science.

It’s easy to find out how much omegas 3 is in specific fish. So it only makes sense to use the richest sources of omega 3. But you’d be surprised how many companies don’t.

Know where your fish oil comes from.

Look for a product that’s “species specific,” with fish like salmon, tuna, anchovies and sardines on the label. This is the only way to know where the oil is coming from.

When a supplement label just says “fish oil” or “marine lipids,” they’re hiding something and the product should NOT be considered.

Even within a specific species, there’s going to be some fish that are healthier than others. Find out if the brand you’re considering selects only healthy fish graded for human consumption and is guaranteed to be toxin free.

Because fish are full of more than just fish oil, processing is vitally important. To minimize the likelihood of contaminants and hidden vitamin A and D, you’ll want a company that presses their fish oil only from the flesh of healthy fish.

Focus on the family.

Science tells us that all eight members of the omega 3 family are vitally important to your health. The omega 3 nutrients need to be complete and balanced, just like they are in nature, in order to be beneficial.

Many people have heard of ALA, DHA and EPA – they’re the omega 3 all-stars. But DPA, HPA, ETA, ETA(3) and SDA are all just as important. And when the whole fish oil family is present, they’re much more powerful than any individual fatty acid.

So look for supplements that have a balanced ratio of all eight omega 3 fatty acids.
And make sure there are no unlabeled oils or strange ingredients hidden or in the product. Add up the individual omega 3 fatty acids listed on the label. They should equal the total amount of oil in the product. Otherwise, you’re getting ripped off.

Compare the differences.

There are plenty of supplements that don’t fit the criteria of valid scientific research – even products endorsed by big name doctors in white lab coats.

Most marketing is designed to distract you from what’s really important. Learn more about the best omega 3 and you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

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